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Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc review

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc
8 Oct 2015

The Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc wheels are a successful mix of old and new.

Cyclist Rating: 
Light and responsive
Spoke replacement could prove costly

It’s interesting to see French manufacturer Mavic bucking the current trend for wider rims and opting for a more traditional internal width of 15mm. This allows the safe fitting of tyres from an unfashionably narrow 21mm to a chunky 30mm. The wheels come supplied with Mavic’s own 25mm tyres, suggesting Mavic sees it more as an on-road wheel than an off-road one. The bundled Mavic tyres have received a bit of stick in the past, particularly for their lack of wet weather grip, but Mavic has changed the compound and greatly improved the quality.

The Ksyrium is hardly a skinny rimmed relic though and despite the latest trends in wheels,  the sealed rims on the Ksyrium Pro Discs are not tubeless-ready. The rim bed is totally sealed, rather than using a tape, so it can never come unsealed so in our experience the Ksyriums are amongst the easiest tubeless conversion. It's a great way into the tubeless revolution if you’ve never tried it before although obviously Mavic doesn't officially support it.

Mavic achieves this by threading the spokes directly into the rim, rather than drilling out the rim bed. This also increases the stiffness, as the spokes are thicker and the rim has more material to it. On the down side, as a proprietary wheelset with a tubeless-ready sealed rim, future repairs could present issues for the home mechanic or even for a well-stocked bike shop, as replacement spokes will be specific to the wheels. 

The Ksyriums provided a light and responsive ride, and coupled with the Mavic tyre system, they were eager up climbs and accelerating out of corners. It came as no real surprise to discover they were the lightest wheelset in our upgrade wheel grouptest.

Weight: 1,641g inc skewers (front 738g, rear 903g)



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