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Specialized Romin saddle goes 3D printed

Emma Cole
21 Sep 2021

S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror claims 'unprecedented' support for comfortable racing

Specialized has launched the newest road bike saddle in its Mirror technology family, the S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror, which aims to make race positions more comfortable using 3D printed construction.

The new Romin EVO variant is largely based on Specialized’s popular short-nose S-Works Power with Mirror saddle which launched in June 2020 and which Mark Cavendish rode at the Tour de France 2021.

It uses the same technology as the S-Works Power but promises to give ‘unprecedented’ sit bone support.

Made using the same 3D printed liquid polymer matrix, the Romin EVO features a concave shape flex-tuned FACT carbon shell which is thicker than the S-Works Power, allowing for more ‘travel’ within the 3D print itself.

At 26cm long, compared to the 24cm long Power shape, the Romin EVO has a ramp at the rear of the saddle which allows riders to slide forward for a more aero position and then slide back for a tempo climbing position.

What’s more, compared to a traditional foam saddle, Specialized says its Mirror technology allows for ‘infinite tunability’ resulting in a more even distribution of sit bone pressure, as the saddle supports the rider’s weight rather than the tissue around their sit bones.

According to Specialized this protects blood flow and relieves pain when riding in race positions.

The saddle features the same honeycomb structure as the S-Works Power and uses Specialized’s oversized 7×9mm FACT carbon rails.

Specialized S-works Romin Evo with Mirror specs

  • Length: 26cm
  • Width: 143mm and 155mm options
  • Claimed weight: 190 grams (143mm width)

Specialized S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror price and availability

Specialized’s newest Romin will set you back £390 which is on par with the S-Works Power with Mirror, and will be available to buy immediately.

Can you put a price on superior levels of comfort and support? Time to get back in the saddle.

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