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The Hiplok D1000 bike lock claims to be angle grinder-proof

Will Strickson
30 Sep 2021

Having been funded on kickstarter in under an hour, this Sold Secure Diamond D-lock is said to keep out advanced angle grinders

In the style of The Bee Gees: how safe is your lock (is your lock, how safe is your lock)? I really mean to learn, 'cause we're living in a world of tools, breaking them down when they all should let us be, the bikes belong to you and me [not thieves].

It's probably safe to say your lock is not as safe as the new Hiplok D1000 D-lock (U-lock if you're that way inclined) which, unlike even most of the best bike locks on the market, claims to be resistant to the scourge that is battery-powered portable angle grinders. 

Hiplok claims it's 'the world's first truly portable bike lock to resist angle-grinder attacks', meaning that it should be secure from even the most prepared of thieves and it would be easier to cut through your bike than the lock.

That's apparently made possible thanks to a composite graphene material called Ferosafe that resists cuts from motorised tools like angle grinders.

Combine that with Hiplok's classic anti-theft features including the anti-rotation double locking tabs and a square profile hardened steel core, and in principle at least it doesn't really get much secure. Following independent tests it has been given a Sold Secure Diamond rating.

Hiplok says the total weight of all that tech is 1.8kg, that's not including the Carry Pouch, which allows you to attach the D1000 to your bike or carry it around your waist and needs to be bought separately.

The project was initially launched on Kickstarter but met its £20,000 target in under an hour, it's now on £49,721 meaning that there's plenty of funding to get the locks out early next year with production already under way.

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