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'Magnum Cycling': A new photo book documenting cycling

Josh Cunningham
24 Mar 2016

Offering archive pictures from Magnum and words from Guy Andrews, this is a book to encapsulate cycling's multifaceted appeal

The Magnum Photos archive boasts an extensive collection of photography which transcends genre, subject, and style, but until now the cycling files have remained relatively untapped. Indeed, it has taken a collaborative effort with author Guy Andrews to bring together this annual to 'celebrate the great photographers who have captured the personalities, emotions and iconic moments from the thrilling sport of cycling.'

The book is organised thematically, breaking down the complex task of capturing the sport by combining an iconic 'story' with an accompanying set of images, be it to document the Tour de France, 30s track racing in Madison Square Garden, or the ever-charismatic crowds. 

'Cycling provides the perfect subject for reportage, social documentary and street photography, happening, as it does, in real time and out on the streets,' reads a press release. 'Cycling and photography share interesting parallels, culturally and historically, and the Magnum archive contains work that is exceptional on both points.'

Indeed, if the Magnum archive transcends genre, subject, and style, then cycling transcends all of the above and more. To convey as such in any book is a difficult task, but Magnum Cycling does indeed appear to do the task justice.

The book will be launched on 27th April 2016 at Rapha Cycle Club in Soho, London, by author Guy Andrews, Magnum photographer Harry Gruyaert, Rapha founder Simon Mottram and broadcaster Matt Barbet.


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