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The new Brompton Ti titanium folding bike is the brand's lightest ever

Joe Robinson
19 Jan 2022

The new T Line from Brompton introduces titanium to classic folding commuter, weighing just 7.45kg

The new Brompton Ti is the iconic folding bike manufacturer’s lightest bike ever, tipping the scales at just 7.45kg.

London-based Brompton has developed its traditional Brompton shape in that material-for-life, titanium, with a mix of lightweight carbon components, for a new bike that will be 3kg lighter than its existing steel equivalent.

The latest T Line from Brompton will consist of two options – a stripped back single speed T Line One and versatile four-speed T Line Urban, costing £3,750 and £3,950 respectively – and retain Brompton’s known folding pattern but, according to Brompton’s chief design and engineering officer Will Carleysmith, represent a complete overhaul from the Brompton we currently know.

‘The only thing that has been carried over from our classic model is the brake system. Everything else has been finessed, pared back, upgraded. We have gone over this entire product in the minutest detail, looking for every single gram we can find to save on weight,’ says Carleysmith.

In total, 150 components have been refined in the design of the T line, including the development of the brand new frame material, titanium, which has been such a labour of love, Brompton has even had to open up a new factory away from its London roots.

‘Whilst Titanium ore is a relatively abundant material, turning it into something usable for bike manufacture takes an extraordinary amount of effort,’ explains chief operations officer Paul Williams.

‘It proves worth it though, as it has the highest strength to density ratio of any metallic element, along with great impact strength and corrosion resistance, making it the perfect material to create the ultimate lightweight folding bike, able to withstand the punishing impacts of the city.

‘Working with titanium takes a high level of knowledge, experience and diligence, so finding the right partner who shared our vision and belief in what could be achieved with titanium was critical.’

The particular partner is titanium specialist CW Fletcher. Brompton chose this Sheffield base for tubing fabrication and welding with these new partners following a seven-year working relationship.

All of the new T Line frames are manufactured in-house, in Sheffield, before being shipped to Brompton’s West London headquarters for building.

The base of both the One and Urban is an expertly finished Grade 9 titanium orbital and tig-welded frame and headset with advance superlight rear with some parts, such as the bottom bracket area, benefiting from 3D printing. In total, the new titanium frame saves around 200g in comparison to the standard steel frames used elsewhere by Brompton.

The real weight savings then begin with the one piece carbon forks, 31.8mm superlight carbon low or mid-rise handlebar, superlight carbon core seatpost and carbon-railed saddle – all designed and manufactured in-house. Further weight is then saved with the carbon crankset with hollow BB30 axle which has been developed in partnership with FSA.

On both models a 50t chainring is sold as standard with the single-speed One utilising a 12T sprocket and the Urban four-speed featuring 11, 13, 15 and 18t sprockets. Both also come with lightweight rims with aluminium hub body and Schwalbe tyres.

Retaining their utilitarian nature, both T models have provisions for a front carriers that fit all standard Brompton options, running a maximum load capacity of 110kg for rider and luggage. However, it is worth noting that that One single-speed model is not sold with mudguards, unlike the Urban alternative.

And, as is always the case, the closing and opening mechanism for the Brompton is the same. There are small changes such as the drive-side pedal no longer folding, instead disconnecting and storing in a port on the bike’s headset. Further, you'll notice the main locking system on the headset now slots in to provide better strength and stiffness, but that is where the changes stop.

Released for your eyes today, the new Brompton Ti will go on sale on Brompton’s website albeit via a ballot system, presumably due to bike demand being so high. There's also the option to buy from Brompton stores in London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore and Paris, if this suits you better.

Brompton T Line models and prices

Brompton T Line One 

  • Frameset: Brompton titanium
  • Groupset: Brompton single speed, 50/12
  • Wheels: Brompton Lightweight rims w/aluminium hub
  • Availability: From today
  • Price: £3,750

Brompton T Line Urban

  • Frameset: Brompton titanium
  • Groupset: Brompton four-speed, 50/11-13-15-18
  • Wheels: Brompton Lightweight rims w/ aluminium hub
  • Availability: From today
  • Price: £3,950