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Wordle, but for cycling? Meet BIKLE

Robyn Davidson
2 Feb 2022

New web puzzle game follows same premise as Wordle, but with a cycling twist

Lighting up social media timelines faster than Mathieu van der Poel at Strade Bianche, few things in life have taken the world by storm quite like Wordle.

Now, cyclists can play a new spin on the game called BIKLE.

Wordle is a free puzzle that refreshes for a different solution every day. You guess which five-letter word is hidden by blocks through a serious of calculated guesses and coloured clues in six tries.

One of the biggest appeals so far has been its ad-free experience.

Wordle’s (sickeningly) sweet origins stem from Josh Wardle. The creator initially established the game to entertain his partner during the coronavirus lockdowns and never imagined it might take off globally.

But with the sale of Wordle to the New York Times, people have begun to doubt its future. Notably, the way the NYT mentioned it would be “initially” free for users – some suspect the word “initially” is doing a lot of heavy lifting here.

Fear not, my friends. BIKLE is here.

BIKLE from Bidon follows exactly the same premise as Wordle – so a new five-letter word each day, with yellow squares if a letter is in the word but currently in the wrong place, and green squares if the letter is in the right place.

The difference being you have to guess five-letter surnames of male and female cyclists.

BIKLE states they could be ‘legends’, ‘a well-known name from the present’ or even a bottle-carrying domestique.

So go on, spare five minutes to test your cycling knowledge. There's over 1,700 riders to choose from!

Just don’t blame us when this gets sold to the New York Times too.

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