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Are you fixing to play Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023?

Ever wanted to try being a mechanic but didn't fancy getting your hands dirty? This could be the game for you

Will Strickson
10 May 2022

From Flight Simulator and Train Simulator to Farming Simulator and even Goat Simulator, the world of simulation games is enormous and soon you'll be able to add Bike Mechanic Simulator to that list.

Brought to you from the minds that made the economic strategy game 'Drill Deal-Oil Tycoon', Manager Games S.A, Bike Mechanic Simulator gives players the chance to try out life as a bike mechanic without getting covered in oil and grease. At least not that kind of grease.

According to Manager Games S.A, the game is focussed on reparing, servicing and assembling different kinds of bikes alongside testing kit and building a workshop. Who hasn't dreamed of using a virtual allen key?

Tomasz Sobiecki, Manager Games S.A's CEO, says, 'We highly appreciate realistic and relaxing gameplay. We approach the mapping of specific bicycle parts and repair processes with an excellent level of detail.

It's not just 'Operation' for bikes, its story mode allows players the chance to simulate the career of a mechanic, though there's no word yet on how realistic in-game stock levels are.


There does however appear to be some official licensing, with Giro products appearing in pre-released screenshots.

'Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 will be an extensive and elaborate game,' says Sobiecki. 'Of course, diagnostics and repairs are the main elements of it, but at the same time the player will have to see that his [or her, thank you–Ed.] workshop is growing and everything is running smoothly.'

The game is due to come out at the start of next year and will be available on PC via Steam as well as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch – ideal for those wanting to play on the go, maybe even while waiting for a real life mechanic.

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