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Robyn’s Extremely Online Round-up #17: r/content and Lizzo

Robyn Davidson
7 Jun 2022

The 17th instalment in our new series recaps the weekly shenanigans in the peloton, showcasing the fun side of cycling

I hope you’re all well after a lengthy Bank Holiday celebrating the Queen. It was nice of you to organise a whole holiday around me, but… oh, never mind.

At Cyclist we’ve been preparing for the Women’s Tour. Live coverage of women’s cycling? From start to finish? Even before the flag drop?! What a wonderful world we live in.

For all you nerds out there, we delved into bike head angles of bikes and gear ratios, while Ineos Grenadiers’ Cameron Wurf talked us through his one-time dream to work on Wall Street. Anyone got Leonardo DiCaprio’s number? Unrelated to that last sentence. I just wanted it.

But onwards we go to this week’s Extremely Online round-up.

I’m really looking forward to explaining Reddit to you. Honest.


Reddit is an... interesting site. If you manage to escape certain hellhole sections, you can engage in conversations about literally anything with literally anyone. 

You can also give advice to Lotto Soudal’s Harry Sweeny. 

The 23-year-old posted that a ‘pro needs advice’ in the r/peloton tag for the ongoing Critérium du Dauphiné. 

Hold his beer but maybe keep it chilled in the meantime – Wout van Aert unsurprisingly won the opening stage as Alexis Vuillermoz’s sprint secured victory on the second day.

Flag on the play

Strava leaderboards. AKA our Tour de France general classification. 

They’re hotly contested, featuring rivalries such as your local KOM contest amongst your friends that inevitably gets snatched by 20 professionals when a race comes speeding through your town. 

Buuuut Dan Lloyd might have a claim when flagging Urška Žigart’s ride up the 25% climb segment. 

I haven’t seen this many flags since the platinum jubilee celebrations. 

Better bouquet than Hyacinth

Always expect the unexpected, in this case a niche and unworkable Keeping Up Appearances reference. (Because she pronounces Bucket as Bou-quet.)

Taco van der Hoorn won the Brussels Cycling Classic and had clearly been briefed on how to pop the champagne cork on the podium, after that injury to teammate Biniam Girmay's eye at the Giro d’Italia. 

But the real star of the show is the vegetable bouquet. More of those please. 

Special shoutout: Good vibes

The riders and convoy in the Women’s Tour had to be stopped during the opening stage for a medical incident ahead of the race. 

Motorbike riders conversed and Team Coop-Hitec Product were seen having a dance to some Lizzo to keep warm. 

See you next week!