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How much is the 2022 Tour de France prize money?

A big ol' pot of dollar is on offer, that’s for sure

Emma Cole
1 Jul 2022

For the 2022 edition of the Tour de France a grand total of €2,288,450 (around £1,984,000) is on offer.

The majority of this is split between the top general classification riders, with ample also going to stage winners, top sprinters, most combative rider and who crosses the Tour de France’s highest peak first.

The prize money is the same as last year when Tadej Pogacar topped the podium. The overall winner of the maillot jaune takes home €500,000, the runner-up wins €200,000 and third gets €100,000.

The Tour prize pot is considerably more than at the likes of the Giro d’Italia, where the 2022 maglia rosa wearer Jai Hindley received €265,000, second place received €133,000 and third €68,000.

Of note is that the Tour de France’s press office post regular updates on how much money each team has earned throughout the stages which can be a good indicator for how each of them is doing overall.

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But for now, let’s break into the big pot.

Yellow jersey

Image credit: A.S.O./Alex Broadway

For the coveted maillot jaune, the overall GC winner will take home half a million euros, and for every stage a rider is wearing yellow, they will add €500 to their winnings.

Outside the podium, riders down to 19th in the general classification will earn anywhere between €70,000 and €1,100.

After that, each rider will collect €1,000 if they cross the finish line in Paris sitting above 160th.

The majority of the overall prize money is given out in the GC classification.

  1. €500,000
  2. €200,000
  3. €100,000
  4. €70,000

Green jersey

Peter Sagan in the green jersey

Image credit: L'Equipe

The winner of each stage gets €11,000 and every rider in the top 20 on the day will rake in some prize money, with 20th place taking home €300.

  1. €11,000
  2. €5,500
  3. €2,800

For every stage they keep the maillot vert, riders will get €300.

Victory at an intermediate sprint affords €1,500, whilst second and third take home €1,000 and €500 respectively.

The overall points classification winner, however, earns the biggest pot.

  1. €25,000

Polka dot jersey

It gets slightly more complicated for the King of the Mountains jersey.

Riders first over the summit for each categorised climb rake in between €5,000 and €200 and wearing the King the Mountains jersey is worth €300 for each stage.

Of note is that there is a special prize on offer for the rider that is first to summit the race’s highest peak each year, and for 2022 it will be for the 2,642m-high Col du Galibier on stage 11.

The Souvenir Henri Desgrange award is in honour of the Tour’s creator and first race director and is worth €5,000.

For the rest of the climbs it goes like so:

Hors categorie climb

  1. €800
  2. €450
  3. €300

First category climb

  1. €650
  2. €400
  3. €150

Second category climb

  1. €500
  2. €250

Then for a third category climb, the first rider gets €300 and €200 for a fourth category climb. Everyone else gets nothing.

White jersey

Image credit: A.S.O./Romain Laurent

A small, but perfectly formed award, the highest ranked young rider of each stage gets €500 and a day in the jersey provides €300.

And the top four young riders overall at the end get the following:

  1. €20,000
  2. €15,000
  3. €10,000
  4. €5000

Most aggressive rider

The penultimate prize award in our list goes to the most combative rider.

For each stage, the rider who has ridden the most aggressively is awarded the most combative rider, earns €2,000 and is given a red race number, or dossard.

For the rider who is deemed the most aggressive throughout the entire race there is a super combatif award and a neat cheque for all those efforts.

  1. €20,000

Team classification

Image credit: A.S.O./Romain Laurent

Finally, the team award.

This is determined by the cumulative time of each team’s three fastest finishers on each stage and is distrbuted between riders and staff. 

  1. €50,000
  2. €30,000
  3. €20,000

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