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Pick 'n' Mix - 06

James Spender
8 Apr 2016

5 products we don't need an excuse to tell you about.

1. Zipp Rotor Protector


Disc brake rotors might not give the impression that they need protecting, but they do need to be protected from. Those machined edges are sure-fire frame chippers in car boots and bike bags, so Zipp has come up with these cossetting neoprene covers to keep damage in transit
at bay. And for those without disc brake bikes, but with a fond regard for either ageing audio technology or Chinese cuisine, the Protectors make excellent holders for antique CDs and duck pancakes. 

2. Meridian coconut butters

from £2.49,

Meridian’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts, so it put them all inside these jars. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. And the contents are delicious on toast or in smoothies as the perfect protein-packed post-ride snack. Unsuitable for lumberjacks, but apparently they’re OK about it. 

3. Silca Pocket Impero pump


With £105 in your pocket you can buy 10,500 Blackjacks, four flights to Lithuania in November, or 7,825 Blackjacks to eat during your one flight to Lithuania. It will also get you the Impero,
which although insanely expensive is nevertheless the most wonderfully engineered and tactile mini-pump in existence. 

4. Fit Fit bars

79p each,

The Mahi-Mahi fish can swim at 92.6kmh, which explains why its name is Hawaiian for ‘strong strong’. And so it is with these Fit Fit bars – nimble little discs of nutritious cold-pressed fruits that will have you reaching for your jersey pocket even when you’re not riding. Like the Mahi-Mahi, the Fit Fit is so good they named it twice.

5. Sealskinz Oversock


Scientifically, the driest object in the Solar System is Jupiter’s innermost moon, Io. After that it’s something of a toss-up between the Sahara Desert and Sealskinz’s fully waterproof Oversocks. But unlike the Sahara, the Oversocks are available in a host of fluoro colours, including pink, orange and yellow, so they win.

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