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This week in bike stuff - 22nd April

storck durnario
Jordan Gibbons
22 Apr 2016

Five cool new bike products from Ortlieb, Richard Mitchelson, Storck, Pearl Izumi & Velotoze.

Ortlieb Bikepacking Bags

Ortlieb is world famous for the quality of its waterproof panniers and, now that bikepacking is growing in popularity, it has released a range of four bikepacking bags: a seatpack, handlebar bag, accessory pocket (for the bar bag) and a frame bag (to follow). All the bags use Ortliebs RF welding so they should be fully waterproof. Available from May, priced at £110 for the seatpack, £85 for the bar bag and £45 for the accessory pocket.

Rich Mitch Grand Tour book

Apparently adult colouring books are the new great things and, while we’ve not tried them ourselves, we can certainly see the appeal. Should you have been yearning for a cycling themed one, your prayers have been answered. Described as a ‘chain-driven interactive adventure’, Rich’s new book has all sorts of activities to keep even the easily distracted cyclist in a world of fun. Available to pre-order, priced at £12.99.

Storck Durnario Comp

Storck is one of those 'maybe one day' brands in the eyes of most. But the German manufacturer does hold spaces in its stable for the mass consumer market, and with the launch of an endurance-orientated range, the spaces are growing in number. You can read about the technical specifics here, in our Durnario first look article, but for now consider the important bits: 980g frame weight and a starting price of £2,549 for a complete bike.

Pearl Izumi Pro Ltd Speed Jersey

This is the jersey that Pearl Izumi equip the BMC pro team with, and so it's with confidence that it can say the Pro Ltd Speed showcases the best of Pearl's textile experise. The Pro Aero fabric is itself claimed to be aerodynamic on wind-breaking edges, and the 'Speed Sleeves' are made from svelte, textured materials to give yet more of an aero boost. The mesh-like, figure-hugging appearance of the sleeves is a noticeable trend among brands at the moment, and complements the Pro Ltd Speed jersey well here. 


Velotoze Helmet Cover

Not content with just shoe covers, Velotoze has expanded its winning formula into helmet covers. While the dimples may make it look like an aero accessory, the prime function is keeping out the weather on cold or rainy days. Thanks to the rubber construction, the Velotoze helmet cover is completely waterproof, windproof and weighs less than 45g. Available soon, priced in the US at $22.

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