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This week in bike stuff - 29th April

Altura Podium elite jersey
Jordan Gibbons
29 Apr 2016

Five cool new bike products from Altura, Birzman, Foothill, Silca and Wickwerks.

Altura Podium Elite

Altura Elite jersey

Altura has made a name out of well-priced commuting jackets, but it also has a range of performance road gear too. Just in time for summer, Altura has released the new range that is ‘handcraft in Europe’ and features its ‘lightest and highest performing technical [fabrics]’. The range includes two jerseys (£74.99), shorts (£99.99), mitts (£27.99) and a wind vest (£67.99).

Birzman M-Torque 

Birzman M-Torque 4

The Birzman M-Torque 4 (£18.99) has been out for a little while now but its genius has yet to diminish. Unlike other torque wrenches that apply to the bit, there’s a small button in the tool handle that pops when your palm applies the equivalent of 5nm of pressure. Birzman has now extended the M-Torque range to two larger multi-tools and the Range mini-toolbox.

Foothill Offset Wheel hook

Foothill Offset wheel

While struggling to hang your wheels up might well be a ‘first world problem’, it’s not an uncommon one for cyclists. Many people have training wheels and race wheels and then there are cyclocrossers, who seem to have five pairs each. The Offset holds one pair safely out of the way, and reduces the risk of damage to spokes (or rims) from other hubs and quick releases. Currently on Kickstarter for $25.

Silca Tubeless valve kit

Silca tubeless valves

Tubeless is well and truly here, however some of the smaller pieces haven’t quite caught up just yet. Hoping to change that is Silca with it’s new valve kit. The valves are made from cold drawn aluminium, which Silca claims makes them half the weight of regular brass valves while still up to 200% stronger than other alloy valves. The kit also includes rubber ‘SpeedShields’ that are claimed to improve aerodynamics while protecting the rim. Available from mid-May, priced at $26.

Wickwerks Ultra-Wide Ratio chainrings

Wickwerks ultra wide chainrings

Once upon a time the chainsets had a 52 tooth ‘big ring’ and a 42 tooth inner ring. Then 53/39 became the ‘standard’, until the ‘compact’ 50/34 arrived in 2004 but you’ve always had to choose between one or the other – until now. Using large ramps, instead of pins, Wickwerks has successfully mated a 53t with a 34t, which it claims gives you the best of both worlds without a reduction in shifting quality. Available in 4 or 5 bolt patterns, from $179.

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