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This week in bike stuff - 6th May

Josh Cunningham
6 May 2016

Five cool new bike products from Chris King, Morgaw, Pioneer, RH+ & Terrano.

RH+ SpeedCell jersey and bibshorts

Italian outfit Zero RH has just launched its SpeedCell jersey and bibshort combination, which aims to cater for those doing short, intense rides - be that on the road, MTB, or cross bike. The range has been developed with Alberto Contador's eponymous developmental team, RH+ Polartec Fundacion Alberto Contador, and boasts a collection of techy features. Looks pretty swish, too.

Pioneer to install power meters on existing crank arms

Single-sided crank arm power meters were a convenient way of introducing oneself to power, but even then it meant discarding your current crank arm to fit one with power gauges in. Pioneer, however, has launched a process that enables the user to get one installed on the crank arm that they already own. 

You simply buy a special Pioneer box, send it back to HQ with your crank arm safely inside, and receive it back again a few days later with a power meter stuck to the back of it. Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 upgrades are all possible, for a fee of $499.

Terrano X communication system

Via bluetooth connections between a mount on the rider's helmet, a microphone and earphone mount on the strap, and the rider's phone, the Terrano X allows one to make calls, listen to music, and communicate with other riders they're out with on an intercom.

While the design may be a little crude, and potentially more useful for mountain bikers, we think that this merging of gadgets is something that more brands - and eventually the current big ones - will be trying to incorporate into their products.

Chris King 40th anniversary set

For any bike part that contains bearings, few brands are more qualified and esteemed as Chris King. This is a smooth move from the Portland moving parts maestro too; a ceramic cocktail of bottom brackets, headsets, hubsets, conversion kits...and an espresso tamper, naturally. The price however, at $1,976, may need a little grease to be digested.

Morgaw Saddle Adjust App

Originally known for its saddles, Morgaw has gone one step further and released an app, available on both iOS and Android for 79p, that helps you dial in your perfect riding position. By using technology and sensors already built into your phone, the app can be used to gauge tilt and setback, allowing you to get the same positioning despite a change of bikes or saddle, or after an updated bike fit.

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