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Strava launches Live Segments feature on iPhone and Android

Josh Cunningham
18 May 2016

The Live Segments feature of Strava is now available to Premium users on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Recognising that there are a lot of cyclists out there using their mobile device as their primary cycling computer, Strava has made its Live Segments feature available to Strava Premium users whose devices use either iOS or Android. 

Similarly to the pre-existing technology associated solely with Garmin, Live Segments uses both audio and visual cues to allow the rider to observe their second-by-second performance on starred and local segments. As the rider approaches the segment, the device automatically switches to 'Live' mode and notifies the user of its imminency. Once the segment has begun, the user is able to see their current effort in the middle of the screen, their personal best to the left of it, and the segment record to the right. 

'Last July, we launched Live Segments for Garmin cycling computers and saw that athletes really enjoyed the feature. We wanted to extend that positive experience to the millions of athletes who use their phone for riding and running,' said Strava's chief product officer, Aaron Forth. 

Strava Premium is available for £3.99 per month, or £39.99 for an annual subscription.

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