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This week in bike stuff: 10th June

Canyon Endurace CF SLX Disc fork clearance
Josh Cunningham
10 Jun 2016

New gear from Canyon, Ekoi, Rapha, RH+ & Velojackr

Canyon Endurace CF SLX Disc

A brand new bike from Canyon to sit at the top of their Endurace range, which as the name suggests, is designed to bridge the gap between endurance and race-ready bikes. Unlike the models that have come before it though, the latest iteration comes equipped with discs, and an updated seat post and seat tube combination. Read more in our in-depth first look here

Ekoi Pro Gel Memory bibshorts

Ekoi's new Pro Gel Memory bibshorts are a fresh and high end addition to the French manufacturer's clothing range. As well as the regular sizing options, the shorts come with three different types of chamois whose 'memory gel' inserts vary in density depending on the weight of the rider (sub 70kg, 71kg-77kg and 78kg+), for maximum possible comfort.

Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Wind Jacket

New from Rapha is this wind jacket, which at 135g is dainty for a long sleeved jacket. Developed alongside use by Team Sky riders, the Pro Team Lightweight Wind Jacket sits somehwere between an all-weather jacket and a gilet, for use on brisk mornings or mountain descents, perhaps. As part of the Pro Team range, it's no surprise that the jacket is designed to fit closely, or that it packs up into a neat little parcel. 


RH+ Olympo AirX sunglasses

While we're not about to start saying how stylish this new eyewear offering from RH+ is (at least when the shades are up - when they're down they look quite good), it is our job to show that they exist. The user is able to raise the lenses with just the press of a finger, which RH+ say will come in handy when the weather is changeable. We've all suffered from lenses fogging up or becoming too beaded with rainwater to see, so the idea has good grounding. We just don't know whether the Olympo AirX is the answer...


Roadside repairs are an unavoidable aspect of road riding, and we can only hope that their necessity is as infrequent as possible. For when those times do roll around though, Velojackr have introduced a bit of kit that while initially recognisable as a tool kit to fit in your bottle cage, also includes components for a stand that will let you upturn your bike and carry out mechanics without scratching your saddle and cockpit.

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