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This week in bike stuff - 17th June

Jordan Gibbons
17 Jun 2016

New gear from 3T, Bitelli, BMC, Fulcrum and Rapha.

3T Exploro

Gravel is grand but what’s better than riding on gravel? Riding really fast on gravel, obviously. And 3T now has you covered on that front with the release of its new Exploro aero gravel bike. ‘Wow! That bears a remarkable resemblance to the Open UP’ you might say, and you’re right – it does. That’s because Gerard Vroomen, designer of the Open, is now working with 3T. So if you want an aero gravel bike there really only is one option, and it starts at £2,400.

Bitelli Pro Trainer

If you’re anything like us, turbo trainers are just a means to an end but there are various platforms out there now, such as Zwift, which seek to make it more fun. Bitelli is one of them and its new Pro turbo trainer takes a number of steps forward to create an a more immersive experience. Top of the list is the fact that the rollers tilt to simulate a gradient, there are fans to cool you down and a massive TV so you can pretend you’ve dropped Sagan. From £4,300.

BMC Roadmachine range

Another new bike - and entire range - but this time from BMC. The Swiss manufacturer has built upon two existing ranges, the Teammachine and Gran Fondo, and effectively merged them together to create the Roadmachine. It's marketed as a 'do it all' bike, taking pointers from the Gran Fondo for endurance and the Teammachine for speed, and comes in a multitude of options ranging from carnon Dura Ace Di2 at £8,799 to the £1,649 aluminium Tiagra.

Fulcrum Speed 40

Originally only exclusively available for tubulars, Fulcrum has now rolled out a clincher version of their Speed 40 wheels. The carbon is laid using technology that Fulcrum is calling 'MoMag', whereby the final shape of the rim profile is incorporated into the way the carbon is layered up, meaning that things like spoke holes are not 'drilled' out, which should make the rim stronger. More importantly though, the updated version ensures that the wheels can be used with regular tyres.

Rapha + Apidura

Apidura has been making bike-packing bags for years, which is lucky because Rapha hasn’t. The Apidura collaboration brings this rather niche pursuit to the masses and into the realms of acceptability – in other words, no you don’t need a large beard to do it, yes you can do in your Grand Tour shoes. The bags have a combined volume of 20 litres but while the material is waterproof, the seams aren’t, so you’ll need dry bags to keep your prized possessions safe. From £85.

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