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19 year old British cyclist gets 3 and a half year ban for EPO

7 Jul 2016

Gabriel Evans, a 19 year old British cyclist who admitted to EPO use last year, has received a 3 and a half year ban from all sport.

An article on the UKAD (UK Anti-Doping) website has given details of the ban imposed upon Gabriel Evans, a 19 year old British cyclist and former national time trial champion, stating that he will be banned from all sports for three and a half years for an anti-doping rule violation. 

An investigation was launched in August last year after a vial of erythropoietin (EPO), thought to have been used by Evans, was handed over to UKAD. In October Evans consented to a voluntary suspension after having admitted to the possession and use of a prohibited substance.

'Evans clearly acted intentionally when he decided to purchase and use EPO,' said Nicole Sapstead, the chief executive of UKAD. 'However, doping is not a straightforward decision and every person’s motivations are different. Some do it for money, some do it to win. Some do it because they are curious and have seen others doing it.'

'It is therefore absolutely correct that every case is treated individually, and in this case that the sanction was reduced by six months to reflect that, as a young man of 18 at the time he committed the violations, Evans’ decision-making skills were impacted by his relative immaturity.'

'Here is a young man at the start of his sporting career whose decision to intentionally cheat has significantly impacted that career before it has really begun,' she added. 

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