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This week in bike stuff: 22nd July

Jordan Gibbons
22 Jul 2016

Four of the coolest new products from Blackburn, Ekoi, Kryptonite & Showers Pass.

Blackburn Piston 4 pump

Every cyclist needs a decent track pump at home and the latest Blackburn range has all the hallmarks of a decent bit of kit: there’s a wide base, clear gauge, long hose and a max pressure of 220psi. Why so high? Well you’ll never need 220psi but a well-made pump that can reach 220psi will reach 100psi more quickly and easily than one that maxes out at 150.


Ekoi Guerra Gold limited edition

You have to be a pretty big character to pull off these sunglasses and according to Ekoi, that person is Nacer Bouhanni. While Bouhanni has made something of a name for himself as a wild character who wavers around in sprints and punches fellow hotel guests, we can’t help but admit these are pretty flash. So we say go buy a pair, go for a ride and cut your mates up in the sprint to the café.


Kryptonite Keeper folding lock 

Folding locks have existed for a long time but they usually come with one of two problems: they’re either too long to fit comfortably around the frame for transport, or they’re too short to reach anything you want to lock your bike to. The Keeper is special because it has pivot points that allow it to bend in more than one direction, ensuring it should be much more versatile. 

From $56,

Showers Pass Cloudcover Utility backpack 

Showers Pass has made a name for itself producing excellent quality fully waterproof jackets and other accessories in rainy Portland. Now it has expanded its range to include three bags: the Transit, Utility and Duffel. The Utility as not only is it full waterproof thanks to taped seams and waterproof zips but it’s also get LEDs integrated into the rear for extra visibility.


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