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This week in bike stuff: 29th July

Cyclist magazine
29 Jul 2016

New gear from Brancale, Clement, Colnago, Lezyne and Silca.

Brancale Dynamic II shoes

In an outrageously cool and timely throwback, Brancale - whose helmets, shoes and kit could be seen most typically on riders of the 80's and early 90's - has relaunched the brand and retained the retro vibe. As well as jerseys and gloves, these Dynamic II shoes are available again, brand new and complete with carbon soles and uppers made of contemporary materials.

Clement Strada USH tyre

With all the buzz about adventure bikes this year, it stands to reason that we're seeing adventure tires being rolled out too. Clement's addition to the market is the Strada USH, a tyre it reckons is good for anything from big days out to daily commutes. With a deep-cut herringbone sides and an easy rolling centre track and a sizeable 32mm width, the Strada USH should indeed have most bases covered.

Colnago CRS 

Colnago has quietly launched an entry level road bike to accompany its high end, Ferrari-esque models, and it comes in the form of the C-RS. With dropped seat stays and a relaxed geometry, its clear that the CR-S is aiming itself at the beginners and sportivers of the world, but who still know and understand the Colnago brand and want a bit of it themselves. We're surprised it hasn't happened sooner, really.

Lezyne Macro Drive 800 XL

While it may still be light enough in the evenings to get a good ride in after work, there's no doubt that the light is again fading. Lezyne's Macro Drive 800 XL is doing anything but though, pumping out 800 lumens for a very reasonable £64.99, and replete with Lezyne's easy and reliable rubber fitting system, making for easy removal at the end of a ride, and no fuss when attaching to differently sized tubes.

Silca T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque adaptor 

Silca, purveyors of luxurious and top quality tools and pumps, has exceeded the $22,000 Kickstarter goal it needed to bring to market the T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque adaptor, a duo of mini tools that are easily storable and very neat in operation. The multiple torque settings (2-8 Nm) simply click as they are passed through until the desired setting is reached, and with Silca, you can pretty much guarantee its accuracy too.

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