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This week in bike stuff: 26th August

Cyclist magazine
26 Aug 2016

New gear from AX Lightness, Canyon, Hiplok, Quarq and Silca.

AX Lightness VIAL evo Ultra

As the name suggests, AX Lightness is renowned for producing extremely lightweight gear, and the VIAL evo Ultra is no exception with a frame and fork that weighs less than 1kg. There's been a few tweaks to the 2017 model, with a redesign at the rear and and more tyre clearance now granted as a result. There's also a 'Plus' version that can be ridden by riders of 120kg (rather than the usual 100kg limit), but with SRAM eTap (as pictured), the bike still comes in at less than 5kg fully built.

2017 Canyon Inflite range

Canyon's Inflite range is an adaptable group of bikes that essentially falls under the cyclocross umbrella. There are four bikes in the range and each comes with an aluminium frame at its centre with variations in build to give a few different price point options. Perhaps usefully for some potential cyclocross racers is the deal that Canyon offers when you buy two of the exact same bike, saving you a bit of cash and some time in the pits.

Hiplok Airlok

Initially known for its urban bike locks, Hiplok is gradually branching out into other forms of bike security and storage, as exemplified by the Airlok. It's essentially a wall mount, with a padded cutout in which a bike can sit and a retractable bar that secures the bike behind it when locked into place. The brand is launching the Airlok on kickstarter and has a goal of £70,000 to reach.

Quarq Prime crankset

The Quarq Prime is an interesting power meter because it’s not a power meter, but it is power ready. For 2017, Canyon, Trek, Fuji and Felt will all be shipping their bikes with Quarq Prime chainsets, which means owners will be able to add on Quarq’qs new D-Zero power meter for a fraction of the cost of buying a complete unit. 


Silca Speedbalance

Look closely at the picture and you'll see Silca's new Speedbalance magnet, which is one for the geeks. The claimed benefits of the Speedbalance are twofold, as it eliminates the need for an un-aero spoke magnet and also counteracts imbalances in the wheel created by the weight of the valve stem. The resulting 'perfect balance' in the wheel can save up to 1 watt at 30mph, claim Silca. The most marginal gain ever?

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