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National Rail’s PlusBike has a winning formula for cyclists

24 Aug 2016

Planning a train journey with your bike? PlusBike from National Rail contains all the information you need for an easy trip.

We all love the idea of riding through lush rural fields and but the reality is those scenes are a long way from the cities and town’s most of us call home. Trains can often be the quickest and easiest way to skip the suburbs and PlusBike makes it even easier. PlusBike is the all-in-one information service for combined cycle and rail journeys that offers an easy way to plan before you set off. 

Accessible through the National Rail website and official app, PlusBike provides clear and easy-to-understand guidance on taking bikes on trains, train carriage rules, bike parking at stations and nearby cycle hire as you plan your rail journey. A quick click on the ‘details’ link next to each train service brings forth bespoke information on your trip, taking into account both departure and arrival destinations. It makes it easy to see if, and when, you can take your bike on a certain service, the number of cycle parking spaces at the station or even if you can hire two wheels at either end of your journey.

PlusBike is an initiative from the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), designed to make it easier to travel by rail with a bike for the perfect day out – whether your idea of that is a day of adventure riding in the Peak District or getting to sportive with ease. Cycle-rail journeys have increased by 40% over the last six years, to a high of 50 million last year.

‘Record numbers of people are getting on their bikes as part of their rail journeys,’ Jacqueline Starr, RDG’s customer experience managing director, told Cyclist.

‘We have more cycle spaces at stations than ever before, and PlusBike shows people just how easy it is to take your bike to the station or on the train, which helps bicycles play a key part in the customer journey.’

If you are thinking of catching a train with your bike, head to or download the National Rail Enquiries app on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store. 

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