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This week in bike stuff: 16th September

Specialized Ruby 2017 riding
Cyclist magazine
16 Sep 2016

Winter is coming this week. Five new products from Ashmei, Michael Blann, Rapha, Santini and Specialized.

Ashmei Wind Jacket

We consider the windjacket the most versatile item in any cyclists wardrobe, more so than the gilet. Ashmei says its new windjacket is perfect for chilly mornings or windy days with a risk of showers. There's a mesh back to help moisture escape and it even packs down into its own pocket. The windjacket is part of a whole new 27-piece range from Ashmei and we think it's well worth a look.


Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs by Michael Blann

Michael Blann's book Mountains: Epic cycling climbs has just been launched by publishers Thames & Hudson. The coffee table book is a mixture of Blann's photography alongside words from a host of cycling figures including Greg Lemond, Stephen Roche and Robert Millar, showcasing the most famous climbs of European bike racing culture. 


Rapha Core long sleeve

The Rapha Core range launched earlier this year with a few choice items and its safe to say we were fans. Rapha has now expanded the core range to include a long sleeve jersey. It's 100% polyester, rather the more expensive SportWool offerings, but everything else suggests it should be just as high quality as the rest of the Rapha range. There's no tights though, which we feel is a bit of a misstep as tights and Core bibs will set you back another £240.


Santini Eureka

Many history books claim Archimedes jumped out of his bath exclaiming 'Eureka!' because he had just discovered a way to measure volume. There is an alternative theory that he had already discovered this and his bath water was in fact too hot, which would make the name of these Santini shorts rather apt. Thanks to the BeHot technology, the material in the Eureka shorts generate extra heat from your pedalling motion. Santini also claims that it retains this heat too, so should you stop for a puncture you won't freeze. Eureka indeed.


Specialized Roubaix

On the off chance you've been living in a cave, or leading a normal busy life away from the daily updates of the cycling industry, you may not be aware of the new Specialized Roubaix. Why should you be aware of it? Well Specialized has put a suspension unit in the steerer tube, dubbed it the FutureShock and simulatenously suggested it's the greatest thing since records began while also seeking to distance itself from the Cannondale HeadShok (which happened to be designed by the same guy). All that aside, we've ridden it and love it, so you can read more here:

From £1900,

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