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Silca brings back the frame pump

Silca Impero Ultimate frame pump
Jordan Gibbons
19 May 2015

The Impero Ultimate frame fit pump looks set banish the mini pump forever.

If you turned up to a club ride 20 years ago without a frame pump you’d be the odd one out, but now, apart from the murky world of the audax, they’re all but extinct. Except on my bike that is. I got my first Zefal HPX just over four years ago and I’ve not looked back. There is a huge amount of smugness to be had when someone gets a puncture and everyone looks to you and your frame pump for help. That said, there hasn’t been any good new frame fit pumps out for years, and those that are around didn’t really suit modern bikes. Until now…

Silca made a name for themselves in the 1920s with the Impero frame pump by using aluminium instead of steel for the main body of the pump. Silcas comparatively lightweight pumps quickly became the mainstay of the professional peloton and over the following 70 years became the most widely used pumps in the world.

Silca Impero Ultimate frame pump sizes

The Impero Ultimate is new for 2015 and is a reimagining of their classic frame fit pump. The two big changes, other than more modern materials in general, are the lack of springs to hold the pump in place, and the ditching of the lever chuck head. The Impero Ultimate uses elastomer bumpers to hold it in place, rather than a spring, so you don’t have to change any settings to get pumping and the 2 stage seal in the head means it’s a push fit on the valve to save time.

The Silca is available in a range of sizes to suit different frame sizes and the pump has FlexWing silicone bumpers at either end which flex under pressure to suit tube diameters from 1” (25mm) up to 2.5” (64mm) so there won’t be many frames it won’t fit. It should also make the pump ‘paint friendly’.

We’re going to get one in to test, so look out for a review shortly.

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