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Graeme Obree's 'Battle Mountain' film now available online

Graeme Obree 7
Josh Cunningham
21 Sep 2016

The film, following Obree's attempt at the World Human Powered Speed Record, is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Vimeo.

Graeme Obree is one of the biggest racing talents in UK cycling history, with the Scotsman breaking the hour record on multiple occasions and claiming the world championship title in the individual pursuit twice as well during the height of his career in the 1990s.

The story of such exploits, as well as his famous habit of turning bicycle design and aerodynamic thinking on its head, was dramatised in the film The Flying Scotsman (2006), but the latest chapter in Obree's career and life - his attempt at the 2013 World Human Powered Speed Championships - has been documented in a new production, Battle Mountain: Graeme Obree's story. The film, directed by David Street, follows Obree's attempt at the record, riding 'The Beastie' and dealing with the inevitable ups and downs that such a challenge present. 

'I've been on a screening tour across the UK for the last few months, trying to get the word out about the film,' says Obree. 'The response from the cycling community has been tremendous. It was a great experience and was great to see many people get involved. Now everyone has been asking me about the DVD and when it's going to come out.'

So, after touring the country at cinemas during the spring and summer, the film has now been made available to view on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and Vimeo, for those that weren't able to get to a screening.

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