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Wiggins and Team Sky under investigation by UKAD

UK Anti-Doping to investigate Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky amid 'allegations of wrongdoing.'

Josh Cunningham
7 Oct 2016

The Daily Mail has reported that UK Anti-Doping is to launch an investigation relating to Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky. Of particular prominence in the investigation will be a medical package that is reported to have been delivered to Team Sky by a member of its coaching staff after the Dauphine Libere in 2011, which Wiggins won.

'UK Anti-Doping is investigating an allegation of wrongdoing within cycling,' read a statement from UKAD. 'In order to protect the integrity of the investigation, we will not comment further.'

Both Wiggins and Team Sky have been under fire in recent weeks after the notorious Fancy Bears hack, which revealed that the rider had been the recipient of unpublicised TUEs during his time with Team Sky - namely the corticosteroid triamcinolone acetonide. 

Regarding the Dauphine Libere incident, the Mail reports that British Cycling has confirmed that a member of Team Sky staff flew to Geneva and then drove to the alpine resort of La Tousssuire with a delivery of medication, requested by Team Sky, on 12th June - the day that Wiggins won the race.

The Fancy Bears hack later revealed that Wiggins' triamcinolone acetonide TUE was issued on 29th June, but while British Cycling confirmed the truth of the 'delivery' story, it did not confirm the nature of the medication, nor who it was intended for.

Team Sky meanwhile issued a statement regarding the investigation on Friday: 'Team Sky was contacted by the Daily Mail regarding an allegation of wrongdoing. We take any issues such as this very seriously and immediately conducted an internal review to establish the facts. We are confident there has been no wrongdoing.

'We informed British Cycling of the allegation and asked them to contact UKAD, who we will continue to liaise with. Team Sky is committed to clean competition. Our position on anti-doping is well known and we 100% stand by that.'

UKAD's investigation will continue, reportedly with questioning unto Wiggins, Dave Brailsford, and the Team Sky medical staff, regarding the package that was flown out to them at the end of the Dauphine in 2011, and about 'allegations of wrongdoing' in general. 


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