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Rapha launches new city collection

Josh Cunningham
3 Nov 2016

'Seen in the city' is the tagline accompanying the launch of Rapha's latest launch of casual cycling gear.

'The new City collection blurs the lines between life on and off the bike,' claims Rapha upon launch of its brand new range of casual cycling clothing styled around the inner city rider. 'Urban riding can be a round-the-clock activity, so the City collection has been designed for riding throughout the day and into the night.'

There are heaps of new items in the range, which are all distinctly Rapha in style and attention to detail. There's a lot of emphasis based around being seen - as the 'Seen in the city' tagline suggests - and that's accomplished with reflective details around collars, cuffs and pockets. 'Reflective details are a necessary feature for the city cyclist,' say Rapha. 'Appearing throughout our knitwear range is the signalcuff, a turn-back cuff knitted with high-vis and reflective yarns. Visible when you need it but easily hidden when you don’t.'

Rather than sportier, performance materials, there is a lot of traditional woolen, cotton and denim products throughout the range, which stretches from jeans and trousers to polo shirts and jackets. The backpack and scarf ranges have also been added to, showing that Rapha are clearly investing a lot in this aisle of its now quite sizeable wardrobe closet. 

Visit for the full range.

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