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Kinesis launches new adventure bike, the Tripster ATR v2

Josh Cunningham
22 Nov 2016

The latest version of Kinesis' titanium adventure bike, the Tripster ATR v2, is packed with updates for adventure, touring and racing.

Kinesis was a brand lauding the world of adventure biking long before it was 'cool', and as such is already onto the second generation model of the Tripster ATR, which stands for Adventure, Touring, Race. 

The new Tripster ATR again has a titanium frame at the heart of it, but this has seen updates in that the tube profiles have been reshaped to make portage and bag-attachment a little better, as well as a changeable dropout system that allows for either thru-axles or traditional quick release. 

The cable routing has been made fully internal, which increases faff but when its installed maximises durability due to smaller amounts of mud and grit being able to get into places it shouldn't. 700c wheels can be run with up to a massive 45c tyre width, but the Tripster is also capable of running 650b wheels with 2 inch mountain bike tyres, which is a huge range of riding styles that can potentially be catered for. To accomodate this particular update, there is a new carbon fork too, also called the ATR, which is available separately for £279.99.

'Right from the beginning in 2012, the Tripster surprised us with how popular it was and how much people enjoyed building them and riding them,' said Kinesis UK's Bruce Dalton. 'They’ve always been fun to ride, capable and tough and people have taken them on some amazing adventures all over the world, like Ed Shoote from We Love Mountains. We’ve given the Tripster a thorough re-design for this new V2 model. Customers and our ambassadors were telling us they wanted an even more capable and versatile bike to help them do more adventurous riding but with all of the qualities they loved about the original. We’ve worked long and hard on making the v2 an even better bike and we’re really pleased with the end result.'

The new Tripster ATR is now available to order frame only for £1849.99.