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Story behind the picture: Merckx the derny rider

Cyclist magazine
24 Nov 2016

We received a picture today of a previously unseen photo of Eddy Merckx. Here's the story...

Every now and again, we recieve an email that makes us love cycling even more than we already did. Today, was one of those days, with the arrival of this picture. 

"Hey guys,

Don't know whether you can use this pic...but if you want...go ahead!

It's a pic of Merckx as a pacer. The man behind him is François Cools, my grandfather [and Merckx' derny pacer]. During the "Nacht der Naastenliefde", part of the Antwerp Six Days, Merckx and my grandfather changed places. Just for fun. I've never seen this pic before. I believe my dad has the only copy and I took a pic with my smartphone to make it digital :)

If you use it, let us know!

Kind Regards,

Tom Cools, Best Cycling kits"

Thanks for your email Tom. Cools by name and nature. 

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