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UK Strava data roundup from 2016

Josh Cunningham
7 Dec 2016

A run down of averages, records and totals from all cycling Strava users in 2016.

Strava has released its annual roundup of figures that collate the stats of all its users worldwide. Globally there were 161 million rides uploaded to the platform in 2016, averaging out at 9.6 every second and clocking up a total of 5.8 billion kilometres with 55 billion metres in elevation gain.  

Specific to the UK though there were 27.4 million uploads from cyclists, totalling 6.9 billion metres of elevation gain and 803 million kilometres, while 145,041 of the contributing rides were longer than 100 miles. Men recorded 41km per ride on average, at a speed of 25.6kmh, while women clocked up 34km on average, at 19.8kmh. That's 1 hour 53 and 1 hour 44 minutes of ride time, respectively. 

Here's how we stack up globally:

Country Average Speed Male Country Average Speed Female
Holland 26.92 km/h Holland 21.36 km/h
UK 25.61 km/h France 20.74 km/h
France 24.36 km/h USA 20.51 km/h
USA 24.35 km/h Germany 19.94 km/h
Germany 23.28 km/h Spain 19.86 km/h
Spain 22.31 km/h UK 19.84 km/h

The most popular day for cycling in the UK was Sunday 8th of May according to the stats, while London saw by far the most uploads with 4.4 million activities. The most attempted segments are all focussed around the capital too, with Richmond Gate roundabout to Queen's Road car park in Richmond park the most with 985,569 attempts. 'JJ Crazy Sprint II' on Box Hill came in 6th with 459,722 attempts.

A total of 223,376 UK rides were logged as commutes in 2016, with an average speed of 13.5km and average time of 35 minutes. Tuesday the 19th of July was most popular for commuting, with 80,862 riders racking up over 1.5 million km on their way to work. 

Good job everyone, keep those kilometres coming. 


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