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SiS to give away 300,000 free gels if Bradley Wiggins breaks The Hour

Bradley Wiggins Hour Attempt SiS
Jordan Gibbons
1 Jun 2015

But just how far could you actually ride on that?

As the official nutrition supplier to Team WIGGINS, SiS have announced that if Sir Wiggo beats the record this Sunday, then they’ll give away 300,000 SiS Go Isotonic gels. This announcement got us thinking – how can you quantify that? How far can you actually go? How long would this last? So we got the calculators out and did some maths.

First up let’s do the basics. One SiS gel is 16cm long and weighs 70g. So 300,000 gels would cover 48km placed end to end and weigh 21,000kg – roughly the weight of 304 Wiggos. In volume it’s 180,000l so, if you were particularly fond of a high-energy tipple, it would be 31,690 pints. If Sir Bradley was to opt to use all 300,000 gels in the space of his hour record attempt he would need to consume 5,000 a minute or one every 0.02 seconds.

But forget the size of them; these are energy gels after all so how far could you go on them? Well one SiS Isotonic energy gel contains 87kcal (or 364,008 joules – enough energy to boil 87l of water) so 300,000 gels would contain 26,100,000kcal. Your calorie expenditure is very roughly equal to your wattage x 3.6 so, Sir Wiggins intends to put out 460W over the course of his hour, which at that wattage the gels would power him for 16,312,500 hours (or 1861 years). Assuming that he can manage to cover 55kph (his intended distance/speed for the hour) and also assuming that Bradley is both immortal and doesn’t sleep (and lets face it after 300,000 gels who could) he would cover 897,187,500 km. Or 1,166 return trips to the moon.

Sadly it isn’t SiS’s intention to give away 300,000 gels to Sir Bradley Wiggins (or even just one person for that matter) but to give them to 25,000 people. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is register at and sit back and wait for Brad to do all the hard work. If he manages it, all entrants will receive a code that entitles them to 12x gels free with their next order at

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