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Alejandro Valverde crashes during training ride

Josh Cunningham
12 Jan 2017

Collision with a barrier causes injuries to the Spaniard's arm and chest

Movistar rider Alejandro Valverde has been involved in a crash while out training, according to a statement released on the team's Twitter page.

Rather than a roadside barrier though, it appears he collided with the arm of a barrier that came down on top of him as he passed beneath it. 

'It was a really hard blow,' Valverde said. 'The barrier of the housing estate went down before I was through, and I hit straight on with my arms and chest. I tried to continue the training ride but I could only carry on for half an hour because of the pain.'

'I'm putting some ice on the areas and anti-inflamatories should prevent the injury from going any further, but it could get worse tomorrow when the areas start to heal in cold. Happily, it seems like it's all a muscle thing, but to be honest, I can barely move at the moment.'

Valverde's attendance at the Vuelta a Espana route presentation, due to be held later today, is now in question. His first race of the season is scheduled to be the Mallorca Challenge at the end of January. 

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