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Philippe Gilbert and Tom Boonen avoid questions about TUEs (video)

Jack Elton-Walters
12 Jan 2017

The riders were speaking at the recent Quick-Step Floors 2017 team launch

Tom Boonen and Philippe Gilbert have both avoided questions about therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) in cycling during interviews at the recent Quick-Step Floors 2017 team launch. 

Both riders appear irritated by the subject, which is raised as a general topic as a result of the furore presently surrounding Team Sky

Neither rider is accused or suspected of any wrongdoing, but neither wants to entertain the subject in an interview. Boonen looks particularly displeased about it. 

Later in the video Marcel Kittel discusses his ambitions for the 2017 season, but in another clip he was also asked about TUEs. 

The German is happy to discuss the subject, going so far as to say he thinks there is no longer any place for the medical exemptions in professional cycling.

'For the moment this is a situation where things are apparently still very unclear,' Kittel said.

'In general I can only say that the use of TUEs, I think, has no place in our sport any more.'

The 28-year-old went on to suggest a solution to the problem of treating injured and ill riders.

'I don't think that anyone who is seriously sick should use those TUEs; or if he has to use because he needs to recover from an injury... then he should also take time [out from cycling] and really recovery from it and then come back afterwards.' 

Kittel was then asked if the controversy surrounding Sir Bradley Wiggins's use of TUEs during his racing career could taint the British rider's legacy. 

'I think so. The bigger the story gets, and that's what's happening now, the more it will also fall back on his career and also himself. 

'That's why I hope that it's soon over... that the story is honest and open, and transparently told to everyone, and that we can move on from it.'