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Best cycling Twitter accounts to follow

Cyclist magazine
13 Feb 2017

Pros and ex-pros can be fairly entertaining on Twitter, and often give an insight into their life on and off the bike

Social media, for all its ills, can be a great way of connecting professional cyclists with the sport's fans.

Following on from our round-up of the best cycling Instagram accounts to follow, we've searched out the most entertaining, most insightful and sometimes strangest cycling Twitter accounts that are worth checking out. 

The best cycling Twitter accounts you should be following

Geraint Thomas

Geraint Thomas isn't all about the GIFs but when he sends one out, you know it's going to be funny. He also tweets about rugby and Welshcakes too, so plenty of variety. 

Alex Dowsett

Cheesy jokes, funny quips and even the internet staple: cat photos, Alex Dowsett's account is well worth a follow.

He also does regular Q&As for the Little Bleeders charity, which he set-up to help young people with blood disorders.

Jens Voigt

Forthright and never afraid to say what he was thinking while he was a pro, Jens Voigt has happily adapted to post-cycling life and that's reflected in his tweets.

He still rides as part of his continued work with Trek, just don't expect to see him going off the front of every corporate ride like he used to in races.

José Been

Not a professional, but well and truly on the inside so her tweets will often get fans the inside line on the goings on within the peloton.

Absent from social media for much of 2016, Been has made a welcome return and bravely talked openly about her own struggles with depression that saw her take a step back from her strong social media presence.

Follow the Belgian for a different take on all things professional cycling.

Chris Boardman

Champion rider turned cyclists' champion, Chris Boardman now dedicates himself to getting more people on bikes as everyday transport.

Looking at his feed, he's mad keen on the retweet button but his own input is a good use of 140 characters.

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Luke Rowe

Team Sky strongman and Classics hope Luke Rowe is a regular tweeter and gives an entertaining look behind the scenes at his team.

The British squad can sometimes be seen as a bit robotic in its approach, so these sorts of glimpses give the team a more friendly face.

Phil Gaimon

The American rider's tweets are a mixture of funny, political, polictically funny and a fair deal about his love of biscuits.

Bauke Mollema

Malcolm Bollema (as Phil Liggett fans will know him) tweets mostly in English to widen the audience of his observations on anything from the weather to his own early season success.

A strong ride in the opening two weeks of the 2016 Tour de France saw him heading for a podium finish until it all went wrong in week three, so keep an eye on him for a stronger result this year.

Suze Clemitson

Speaking truth to power in across the board, when Suze Clemitson directs her opinions at the UCI its worth paying attention.

Keagan Girdlestone

Young South African rider Keagan Girdlestone has defied all medical expectations put on him after a horrific mid-race crash in which he went through the rear windscreen of a vehicle during a race in Italy last June.

Heavy blood loss and several days in a coma made his chances of even surviving low; the chance of him riding a bike again seen as a near impossibility. Now he's racing again.

Follow him on Twitter to be equally inspired and entertained.

Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish reveals the highs, lows and hairy moments of being at the top end of professional cycling.

A popular rider, his social media presence is squarely aimed at his fans which is clearly appreciated by his 1.29 million followers.

Lizzie Deignan

The former World Champion confused a fair few people when she switched to her married name, but the tweets remain much the same.

Her year in the rainbow bands was tainted by a furore around some missed doping controls but the rider is clearly ready to bounce back to her best in 2017.

Tom Dumoulin

Dutch time trial ace Tom Dumoulin gives a candid look into professional cycling, and offers some comfort to those of us wishing we could ride our bikes all day and be paid for it.

Expect to see Dumoulin have his best season yet as he just seems to get better. Let's hope he commits to targeting the GC at a Grand Tour - perhaps the Giro d'Italia - as a podium finish is well within his capabilities.

Peter Sagan

For a rider who won the world road race two years in a row on very different courses, practising celebrations is an important part of training.

Peter Sagan is a deservedly popular character and his winning ways will continue for years to come.

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