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The Fat Trek Equinox: This is what happens when you cross a time trial bike with a fat bike (gallery)

Jack Elton-Walters
25 Jan 2017

Drew Wilson tells Cyclist about the fat TT bike he created for a friend

'I knew if I didn't make this thing look really, really cool it would be universally hated,' says Drew Wilson about the fat time trial bike he created.

The owner of Cyclocarbon usually works repairing frames and doing custom paint jobs, but this project was something very different. 

Rob McKillip broke his Trek TTX Equinox while warming up for a time trial. Determined to still compete he used the spare bike he'd taken along on the day, which just happened to be his fat bike. 

'I suppose he had fun, enjoyed the attention,' Wilson tells Cyclist about McKillip's TT effort on his fat bike. The broken time trial bike was forgotten about for a while until McKillip landed on the idea of a fat TT machine. 

'He found himself riding his fatbike a lot and enjoying it,' Wilson adds. '[Rob] knew me from some races, and knew that I had converted a Cannondale Flash Carbon (mountain bike) to a fat bike in the past. 'He knew I could fabricate it.' 

Considering how good the finished article looks, you'd assume that there was a long design and modelling process, but that wasn't the case. 

'All the design was my doing,' the frame builder continues. 'There were no sketches or anything I just shaped it by eye/hand.' 

The bike runs a 44t 1x at the front with a 10-42 cassette at the back, and is strictly for on-road riding only.

As well as time trials, McKillip has completed the 280km RAW (Ride Across Wisconsin) and the multi-day RAGBRAI (The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) on his one-of-a-kind bike.

Wilson has plans to further modify McKillip's Fat Trek Equinox including adding a Shimano Di2 drivetrain, but has plenty of other projects to occupy his time, on top of his day job. 

'I have di2 on my fatbike and scalpel, modified 10 speed setup, [with a] 9-40 cassette.' Wilson says. 

'I have other projects am beyond swamped with my core business.' Fat time trial bikes aren't the only out-there bikes he's working on, either.

'[I'm] currently building a gravel racing tandem for myself out of two broken Super X Cannondales.' Now there's a bike to keep an eye out for.

Thanks to Drew Wilson of Cyclocarbon for the information and photographs

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