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IBFI launches international bike fit accreditation scheme

Andy Brooke IBFI
Jordan Gibbons
3 Jun 2015

The International Bike Fitting Institute aims to professionalise the industry and raise bike fitting standards.

As steadily more people become interested in cycling there are more people to become injured and uncomfortable, so it’s fairly logical that more people look into getting bike fits. A greater number of bike fits has lead to a rise in bike fitters and with all the different ‘systems’ out there it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decide where to go or, more worryingly, who is even qualified. The IBFI (International Bike Fitting Institute) are looking to change all that by offering an international accreditation scheme that aims to ‘globally recognise [fitters] skills and qualifications’. Andy Brooke, a Retul Master Fitter at Bespoke Derby, heads up the IBFI and spent some time going over the scheme with us.

Brooke originally worked for British Cycling and it’s their credits based qualification system that he has used as the basis of the IBFI accreditation. IBFI doesn’t test fitters directly, as there are so many different fitting methods but instead gives credits for various achievements. A basic fitting course that requires no prior knowledge bags you 20 credits per day, a more advanced course would get you 40 credits and so on. It’s not heavily technology influenced either, as the committee comes from a wide background, so Steve Hogg’s rather holistic course is 300 credits. To achieve a Level 1 certificate from the IBFI you need 120 credits and have to have completed a minimum of 300 bike fits.

The intention of the scheme is to both professionalise the industry, as well as encourage continued professional development. Attending conferences, or writing for peer-reviewed journals, earns credits and helps fitters climb up the various levels. Ultimately the IBFI want to have a database of qualified fitters so as a consumer you can log on and see the various bike fitters in your area, and their respective qualification level. They currently have ten bike fitters from the UK signed up, along with three in Spain and a couple in the USA with more coming into the scheme shortly.

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