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First look: FSA K-Force WE groupset

26 Jan 2017

The long heralded FSA K-Force WE groupset hybrid wireless system seen at Core Bike

With all of the big three groupset manufacturers having long offered electronic shifting options any new player looking to enter the market was always going to have to bring something new.

The FSA K-Force WE groupset promises a subtly different way of doing things. Using a frame integrated battery pack to power the derailleurs, but boasting remote control from the shifters, K-Force WE is being touted the first hybrid wireless system. 

Wireless shifting 

Having been spotted as a prototype way back in 2015, the groupset was officially unveiled in the summer of last year, but is only just making its way to market.

Already trialled by teams Cofidis and Direct Énergie in the Tour de France the reliability appears to be there even if, until recently, availability hasn’t. 

FSA K-Force WE's front mech; the LED lights show battery status was able to its get hands on with the groupset at this Core Bike show, where UK Distributor Windwave had a pre-production model on display. 

With the battery hidden in the seat tube and wired to both mechs, which in turn are activated wirelessly via ANT+ from the shifters, FSA claim the result is the neatness and easy setup of wireless but with extended battery life. 

Constructed of unidirectional carbon fibre, the levers feature a rocker switch that allows riders to make single or multiple shifts, and are also available in two lengths to suit a range of different hand sizes. 

Automatically indexing with the push of a single button, an LED lights on the front derailleur indicate battery status. 

FSA chainseti 

The system also links to a dedicated smartphone app that can display exactly how many shifts are remaining.

Unlike other designs on the market the rear derailleur utilises a unique electronic-driven gearbox, rather than a traditional parallelogram, to move the cage across the cassette.

The claimed overall weight for the K-Force WE drivetrain is just 2090g.

Despite its arrival edging closer, pricing is still yet to be confirmed. 

Photos: Sam Challis 


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