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Updated : Death Spray Custom paints the deadly sins

Joe Murray
3 Jul 2015

DSC launches a series of seven hand painted Columbus carbon forks themed around the seven deadly sins.

Death Spray Custom is tempting custom bike build enthusiasts all over with a series of hand painted carbon forks. The new ‘Deadly Sins Collection’ consists of seven Columbus Carbon forks, each with their own individual design representing the seven different capital vices. DSC releases a fork each week, testing both the patience and desire of their customers. Greed, a glistening gold and white Columbus Tusk was the first to be released. The fork has a diamond metal flake glitter outside that screams over exuberance and excess, ironically depicting everything the second deadly sin believes to be wrong. DSC has named this glittery, jewel-like paint ‘Hatton wall’ a nod to the greed of those involved in the recent Hatton Garden Wall Heist. 

Death Spray Customs greed fork

This was shortly followed by Envy, a ‘poisonous metallic snake green’ and black, scale patterned Carbon Fel. As well as looking extraordinary, the deep, ‘envy’ green and snake scales reference the Catholic stories that accompany the Seven Deadly Sins.  The last five fork designs will follow in the coming weeks, and they are bound to create similar gluttonous and lustful emotions in potential buyers.

Death Spray Customs envy fork

The one off pieces from the Surrey based custom painters are their first on sale for many years, and will sell out very quickly once all are revealed. However you are able to pre-order the forks, before you know what the design is, something two buyers have done, showing their faith in the style and creativity of DSC.

Their venture with Cannondale’s Tour de France team in 2014 put the artists in the limelight, in which they created ‘spirit animal’ designs for the tour riders. This series included Peter Sagan’s ‘Wolverine’ Cannondale SuperSix EVO, the eyes of the superhero covering the top tube of his bike.

The forks come form Columbus’ Fel and Tusk ranges and are full carbon, monocoque race forks. The tapered steering column and simple bladed design provide both stiffness and lightness, however it may be better to slow down with these, allowing you to show the creations off as best you can.

[Updated 11.06.15]

Gluttonous, a characteristic most cyclists are not, unless of course it is in regard to purchasing bikes, accessories or kit. This donut inspired fork comes complete with pink icing, caramel cream and sprinkles. My favorite so far!  

[Updated 16.06.15]

Pride: The shattered mirrors of a thousand narcissists on black with hater silver, sounds more like magical curse than a description of paint colour. But that is what it is. Speckled, pearlescent silver flakes cover the Columbus carbon Tusk forks on a backdrop of deep black. 

Death Spray Custom Pride

[Updated 19.06.15]

The latest addition to the Death Spray Custom range of forks is Lust. And my goodness do I want this one! 'Striper Neon Fade to Black' is the colour, the deep pink blending into a glittery purple.

[Updated 26.06.15]

Sloth: Black. White. Matt. Lazy. Regardless of the simplicity of these forks they look sleek and sophisticated making the perfect addition to any bike.


[Updated 03.01.15]

The final fork in the series is Wrath - wryly described as 'Hell fire over Black Anger'.

The ‘Deadly Sins Collection’ is available from with each costing £700

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