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Cyclist left dangling off a bridge after crash announces break from racing

Joseph Delves
2 Feb 2017

Video of American rider Mike Allec’s remarkable escape has been making cyclists around the world shudder

The Las Vegas based rider who found himself hanging from a bridge, 30ft above a ravine following a crash during a cat 3 race has announced he’s taking a break from racing.

The wince inducing video of the crash on Youtube has been watched almost a million times. Caught up in a crash and having flipped over the bars and cleared the top of a safety barrier only Mike Allec’s incredible and instinctive reactions saved him from an even nastier accident.

Landing in a dry riverbed below his bike was less lucky, sustaining a broken frame.

While several riders suffered nasty injuries Allec escaped with just a few minor scrapes.

The crash at the Santa Barbara Road Race was in part due to the race finish being squeezed onto a narrower road than had traditionally been used.

An experienced racer for the amature/elite Carefast-Storck Cycling Team, in an interview with Allec was surprisingly philosophical about his crash but has decided to take some time out from racing to concentrate on running his business.

However he left open the option of returning. He cited concern for his wife, who was already slightly reticent about his racing career due to previous crashes.

Allec said on informing her of the accident her response was ‘please tell me you’re done’.

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