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'I'm reminded daily of the positive effect cycling can have' (video)

Adventure Syndicate co-founder Lee Craig and Sustrans team up to explore the ‘inner journey’ of cycling

Sustrans has teamed up with Adventure Syndicate co-founder Lee Craigie as she charts her 'inner journey' of cycling the Caledonia Way. Scottish rider Craigie explores the route - which is the Sustrans NCN78 cycleway - in the film while discussing her own ever expanding cycling horizons. 

'Escape' will be launched at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival this weekend and showcases some of Scotland's best and most picturesque cycling trails. The ride spans Scotland from Oban in the west to Inverness in the east. 

The rider, who will be in attendance at the screening, said: 'I was inspired to make this film with Sustrans because I'm reminded daily of the positive, emotion regulating effects that cycling and outdoor exercise can have on the mind.' 

Craigie charts her own journey from awkward teenager to champion adventure cyclist, a transformation she attributes to cycling. The transformative power of cycling - if only for a short while - is something the adverturer wants everyone to experience. 

'It's so easy to forget that the simple action of riding a bike in the fresh air can make you feel better about almost anything - at least temporarily - and that's something I want for everyone,' she said.

'I've faced many challenges over the years, both emotional and physical, and cycling has provided me with a continuity - an escape from the everyday pressures of life.' 

Sustrans hope is that its involvement and support will encourage more people into cyclin so they too can realise the mental and physical benefits life on two wheels can bring. The Calendonia Way was chosen for its stunning beauty and because it's a new route on the National Cycle Network. 

'My hope is that people watching this film will think "that's the freedom I want" or "I remember those feelings that bikes can bring" and be inspired to get outside and start their own adventure,' Craigie added. 

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