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British Cycling independent review delayed again

Josh Cunningham
8 Feb 2017

Result of review likely to be delayed until March to allow individuals the chance to respond

The results of an independent review looking into culture at British Cycling are not expected to be released until March. The review's results, originally expected to be made public in December last year, were originally set back for a February release date on account of the breadth of the investigation, which was wider than expected. 

A UK Sport board meeting on the 2nd February was expected to precede the release of the report, but the Guardian now reports further delays. The reasoning is a likely redaction of the report to ensure there is no potential for libel action being taken, and to give a time period in which individuals are given a chance to respond.

The review was instigated after allegations of sexism, made by former GB rider Jess Varnish, were brought upon the organisation and its former performance director Shane Sutton. After Sutton's consequential suspension and resignation, an internal invesigation made by British Cycling found him guilty of just one charge out of nine bought against him - a decision that enraged both he and Varnish for different reasons. 

The results of this investigation have contributed to the independent review, along with around 80 submissions from the 200 or so individuals that were contacted for interview by the panel.

A separate UK Anti Doping investigation into potential wrongdoing in cycling, being made by the parliamentary Culture, Media and Sport Committee, is ongoing. Simon Cope, the supposed courier of the infamous jiffy bag package, and Dr. Richard Freeman, the Team Sky doctor who is meant to have received and administerd its contents, are next to stand before it. 

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