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The UK's largest cycle parking hub can take almost 3,000 bikes

Regeneration of Cambridge Station includes multi-storey bicycle parking

Cambridge is one of the UK's few cycling hotspots, more closely resembling the liveable streets of the Netherlands than the traffic choked mayhem seen elsewhere in Britain. What's more, cycling isn't just the preserve of the city's students - although they are numerous, but is also the transport mode of choice for many people using Cambridge's train station to head elsewhere.

The train station previously had insufficient space or facilities for all the bikes left there during the day, hindering its viability as a transport hub.

Now the Formation Architects-designed multi-story cycle park, which opened in August 2016, has gone a long way to combating the capacity problem.

The building can securely hold up to 2850 bikes, as well as shielding them from the elements. The multi-story bike storage facility is thought to be the biggest of its kind in the UK and forms part of a regeneration of the area around the station.

As well as being a secure location for bikes that also keeps them away from the rain and worst of the weather, the three-story facility is free to use and houses a bicycle repair shop on the groundfloor.

Functioning separately to the bicycle storage but part of the same bulding is an Ibis hotel.

The bike parking areas are split across the ground, first and second floors, with 80% of the stands being 'double-stackers' and the rest the more traditional Sheffield stands.

A central steps-cycle ramp arrangement allows users to access the higher levels.

'This building is unique: it houses the largest cycle park in the UK, a 231 bedroom hotel and retail fronting to the new Station Square,' said Michael Richter, one of Formation Architects' directors.

'We are proud to have had the opportunity to design this "box of tricks" and hope that cycle parks like this will become the new norm.'

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