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Mountain biker hits 104mph on descent (video)

Jack Elton-Walters
10 Feb 2017

Austrian rider's speed topped out at 167.6 kmh

Markus 'Max' Stöckl has set a new world record for the fastest ever mountain bike descent with an incredible 167.6kmh (104.14mph). The record took place on a mountain in the Atacama Desert, Chile and incredibly the rider was aboard a standard mountain bike.

His clothing was far less conventional as he sought aero gains with a particularly shiny skinsuit and an oversized Red Bull branded helmet.

Stöckl beat his own record of 164.95kph, which was set in 2011 on the volcanic cone of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. The record is specifically for cycling down a gravel-based mountain on a production mountain bike.

According to Red Bull, the rider wore a special airbag suit like those used by ski racers and jumpers. His helmet was self-made and nothing was added or changed on the bike to make it go faster.

'When you’re cycling above 160kph, each and every extra kilometre per hour requires an enormous effort,' Stöckl said. 'This force has an impact on the bike and the entire body.'

The 42-year-old conducted eight test runs in Chile to find the best line and get a taste for the kind of speeds he'd be hitting, before the record-breaking run. 

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