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Herne Hill Velodrome welcomes new pavilion sponsor on board

Jack Elton-Walters
15 Feb 2017

The newly renovated building will be called the Exodus Travels Pavilion

The Herne Hill Velodrome Trust has renamed its newly rebuilt trackside building the Exodus Travels Pavilion after signing a multi-year deal with the travel firm. The Trust says the partnership is the final step towards the launch of the renovated velodrome. 

The Herne Hill Velodrome dates back to 1891 but it hasn't been all plain sailing over those 126 years. Repeated threats of closure and worries about its future now look to have been overcome as seen by the crowdfunded refurbishments of the Velodrome's buildings.

Exodus's involvement is seen as a way of securing the long-term stability of the cycling track.

As well as the pavilion, the travel company is also the title sponsor of the Exodus Travels Vets' Session and the Exodus Travels Vets' League, which take place on the famous outdoor velodrome.

The new pavilion will be launched in the spring.

The Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome's crowdfunding campaign raised almost £90,000.

'The Big Finish' secured the money needed for the refurbishments and allowed tose who donated to contribute to the final look of the pavilion and the velodrome as a whole.

'We now take more people from the UK on cycle trips abroad than any other company,' said Jae Hopkins, Marketing Director at Exodus Travels.

'Being able to support this important part of British cycling history as it enters its next phase is really exciting.'

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