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Half of London car journeys could be cycled in 10 minutes

Josh Cunningham
17 Feb 2017

Figures issued by Transport for London as part of its 'Healthy Streets' campaign

Transport for London has issued some figures on the relationship between Londoners and their means of transport, revealing that - among other things - half of car journeys could be made in 10 minutes by bike. 

Added to that, two thirds of car journeys could be made in less than 20 minutes by bike, and one third of car journeys made by Londoners, as a driver or passenger, could be walked in under 25 minutes.

TfL say that car ownership is the greatest factor that influences how often Londoners walk and cycle, having more of an impact than gender, income, employment, ethnicity and disability. Car owners in London are two to three times less likely to do half an hour's exercise a day than those who do not own a car, the report says. 

As a result of more journeys made by bike - or on foot - than by car, TfL also projects potential savings that would be made by the National Health Service.

If all Londoners either walked or cycled for 20 minutes a day, it would save the NHS £1.7bn over 25 years. This would be as a result of an estimated 85,000 less hip fractures, 18,800 less cases of depression and 4,800 less cases of type 2 diabetes, among other things. 

The full Healthy Streets for London prospectus can be viewed here. 

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