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Jasmijn Muller on course to break 1,625km Zwift record

Josh Cunningham
20 Feb 2017

Muller aiming to ride beyond the previous record over the course of three days

Jasmijn Muller is on course to break the Zwift distance record for the total distance ridden in one session on the virtual training simulator. 

The current record is 1,625km, set by Chris Hopkinson just last month, but Muller, who similarly to Hopkinson is an ultra endurance specialist, appears to be on course to break the record once again with a ride that will last three days.

Muller was the 2014 Best British All-Rounder, and in 2015 was the national 12-hour TT champion. Her Zwift distance record attempt is also part of her preparation for a solo attempt at both the LEJOG and 1,000 mile record in one go, which she plans to undertake in September this year. 

Muller began her Zwift record attempt at 3pm on 18th February, and at the time of writing (13:30 Monday 20th) has over 1,300km and a little over 42 hours on the clock. She is riding on the Watopia Flat Volcano course, and despite an initial plan to contest the record from a stand at the London Bike Show, Muller is doing the whole thing in her living room, with a team working around the clock to support her. 


For information on how to join Muller on Zwift during this attempt, or to find out more about her future record attempts, visit her website:

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