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Jasmijn Muller sets new Zwift distance record of 1,828km

Josh Cunningham
21 Feb 2017

Muller rode for over 60 hours on a static indoor bike to complete the challenge

Ultra-endurance specialist Jasmijn Muller has broken the Zwift distance record, doing an incredible 1,828km (1,135.9 mile) ride on the virtual training simulator. 

She began the ride at 3pm on the 18th February, and eventually climbed off mid-afternoon on the 21st February, giving her a total ride time of 62 hours, 4 minutes and 30 seconds. 

The previous record of 1,625km was set by Chris Hopkinson, a fellow ultra endurance specialist, just last month, but Muller wasted no time in smashing it as part of her training schedule for a bigger target in the summer.

'She's using this as a training opportunity for a LEJOG and 1000-mile record attempt in September,' says Emily Chappell, a fellow endurance enthusiast and one of Muller's on-hand helpers. 'She's getting a good idea of how it feels to ride for that time and distance.'

Chappell says that Muller was having toilet breaks every 1-2 hours, and eating on the bike. Over the course of the 62 hours she had two 25-minute sleeps and one 90-minute one. 

'In terms of recognition and validation, this isn't governed by Guinness or anything,' says Chappell. 'It's effectively just an attempt to get the highest score in a video game. Zwift have said she's done it, and that's all the recognition she was aiming for.'



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