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100 Climbs launches new 'Hellingen' app of Belgium's most famous climbs

Josh Cunningham
23 Feb 2017

New app helps you locate all of Belgium's best and most revered climbs

The team behind the 100 Climbs series have launched a new app which maps all of Belgium's most famous climbs, and keeps a log of your progress in trying to ride them all. 

Like the recently-launched 100 Climbs app, which focuses on the greatest climbs in the UK, the app has all of the text, photographs and climb details from the epnymously titled book 'Hellingen'. But on top of these individual factfiles, the app opens up a number of interactive dimensions to the climb-bagging experience. 

Using a built in map it can locate your position and direct you to the base of the nearest climb - a very useful feature for when you're lost in the small lanes of Belgium on a weekend of riding, but as well as 'closest', you can also group the climbs by difficulty, most ridden, 'best', or region. Also of use is the app's syncing capabilities with Strava, which allows you to track your efforts on a specific climb and see how you did in relation to the cobble-hunting masses. 

As you knock off the climbs, the app keeps track of your progress, and gives you a running score. 'The bigger the number, the bigger your bragging rights,' they say. 

The app is priced at £3.99, and is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

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