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Steve Abraham to begin third attempt at Annual Mileage Record

Josh Cunningham
27 Feb 2017

Abraham, who already holds the record for mileage in a month, will begin his year attempt on 4th March

Steve Abraham, the ultra cyclist who currently holds the record for most miles cycled in a month (7,104 miles), is to begin a fresh attempt at the UMCA HAMR - or the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association's Highest Annual Mileage Record. 

Kurt Searvogel is the current record holder with 76,076 miles, which he set in January last year, and despite Abraham already sitting 4th in the all-time leaderboard for annual mileage, as well as holding the record in his age catergory, it is the overall record that he wants.

Before Searvogel the record had been held by Tommy Godwin, who in 1939 rode an incredible 75,065 miles, and it was this figure that Abraham had been trying to beat in his original attempts, which he undertook around the same time as Searvogel. However after suffering an accident and subsequent broken ankle during the his first attempt, Abraham was then forced to pull out of his second attempt soon after, having fallen too far behind.

'Steve had to take time out and decide for sure if he wanted to have another go at the year record,' read a post on his website after the disappointment. 'This isn't something that can be done lightly on a whim and needs serious consideration. To take on the year record you have no time in your life for anything at all, other than cycling. After a few months of soul searching, Steve eventually concluded that he wasn't willing to let this one go.'

Abraham then broke the month record late in 2016, and the experience has turned into a launchpad from which he will begin a third attempt. While Searvogel is the current record holder, American Amanda Corker - after breaking the women's annual record in just four months of riding - could, on her current projection, raise the bar to over 80,000 miles by the time she finishes in May. 

Abraham will set out at 00:01 on Saturday 4th March, and has welcomed anyone that would like to join him for a fitting 'all you can eat' meal before the start in Milton Keynes, and to the first rides of the record, which he has planned out to the Cotswolds and King's Lynn.

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