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Eroica to allow modern bikes at new event

Jack Elton-Walters
28 Feb 2017

The Nova Eroica is a departure from the retro theme of the other Eroica events

The Eroica sportive series is set to allow people to ride modern bicycles for the first time at its newest event. There are now similar events in six other countries, all of which follow the same theme of retro bikes and clothing.

Now, the Nova Eroica is being launched as the fourth Italian event will allow modern bikes on the strade bianche across five routes on 30th April. The event will be run in a team racing format with timed sectors.

A whole range of riders, from novice sportive entrants to expert sportivistes will be catered for at the event.

This addition to the calendar will no doubt be met with disapproval by some purists, but as a standalone ride in a wider series it's a great way of giving more people the chance to ride on the famous unmade roads of Tuscany.

The Eroica organisers founded the Strade Bianchi professional race and so have form when it comes to putting modern bikes on the Tuscan roads.

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