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Video: Baggage handlers hurl bike boxes from Easyjet plane

Video footage shows baggage handlers carelessly hurling bikes from the hold of an Easyjet plane

Cyclist magazine
8 Mar 2017

Going on a cycling holiday is not short of benefits, but surely one its main detractions is the stress involved in putting beloved, expensive bicycles into the care of airlines while they transport them from A to B.

Unfortunately, fears of ill treatment became all too real for one passenger recently, as he filmed multiple bike boxes being offloaded from an Easyjet plane in a most alarming fashion. 

After he raised the complaint on Twitter, Easyjet replied to passenger Andy Thornley - who was returning from a holiday in Mallorca - by asking for a direct message with more details on the incident. Thornley replied to the request publicly, to which easy jet said 'we will take this up with our ground handling agent.'

'Retraining badly needed,' was Thornley's response, 'You broke my bike back in November and the damage was consistent with what you're seeing here.'

It is hoped that no damage was done to any of the bikes inside the boxes captured in the video, but if nothing else the incident serves as a lesson to make sure that your bike is packed up safely before entrusting it to anyone else while travelling. 

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